Self Study Guides

Everything you need to know about taking the EA and AFTR/AFSP exam, including exam review, study strategies, and study tips to help you prepare.

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Bookkeeping for Success: It’s a 3 in 1 book:

Understanding the basic, mid-level, and advanced bookkeeping fundamentals in a simple, no-babbles, and to-the-point book to help you understand

  • Financial statements, such as Profit and Loss, Balance sheet, and Statement of Owner’s Equity in the company.
  • Chart of accounts,
  • The break-even point, and
  • Adjusting entries at the year-end, and
  • Closing the accounts.

A brief discussion on Financial Accounting and Managerial accounting is reviewed to help you choose your next step. See how easy it is to learn Bookkeeping.

Fundamentals of Individual Tax Preparation.

Fundamental never need updates. It doesn’t matter when but how to prepare taxes for individuals. Based on 1040, this study guide goes over

  • Filing Status as defined by the IRS.
  • Who is a Qualifying Dependent
  • Various income and how the tax rates are structured for multiple types of income: From Wages to
  • Capital Gain, Rental Income, Business Income, Interest, and Dividends
  • How can you adjust your income to put yourself in a lower tax bracket:
  • IRA contributions, Self-employed insurance, and Self Employed taxes, and much more.
  • Deductions: Should you itemize or use Standard Deductions?
  • What is the QBI? And how can you benefit from operating a small business or rental business?
  • Tax Credits: Distinguish which credits are nonrefundable and which one is refundable to help your customers take all credits they can take.

Also with discussions on ITIN, ID fraud and various ways to get your refunds so you have something for the future too.

You will find these topics in a simple, clear, and organized fashion in Fundamentals of Individual Tax Preparation by Ferey Kian.

Business Tax Made Easy

We have reviewed many books in the industry. Still, nothing is as simple and easy to read as this Business Tax Made Easy—Thanks to our novice tax professionals and their questions that help this book answer all your questions about business taxes. The highlights of the book show:

  • Not all businesses are created equal. What type of business is good for you?
    • Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, S corporation, or C Corporation?
  • What is your business in the industry, and how the IRS compares and flags you for Audit if your expenses are not within the industry (NAICS)
  • Business Income and how they are classified
  • Business Deductions and Credits with a detailed discussion to show how to audit-proof your business.

This is the easiest way to learn about business tax to give you a good sense of how to analyze income, gains, deductions, and credits to guide your clients’ finances.

.Enrolled Agent Test Preparation Books:

1. SEE Part I: Individual Tax preparation Exam:

If you have prepared taxes for a few years or have a degree as a  CPA or Attorney from back home, maybe it’s better to become an Enrolled Agent rather than sitting on the CPA and Bar exam. It’s quicker and less expensive to become a tax expert. If you study hard in less than six months, you can pass the test and receive your certificate bar number from the IRS as an Enrolled Agent. Now you can step into a lucrative career and represent your clients before the IRS. This Study guide will take you on a step-by-step process to pass the EA Part I Individual test. Several Sample tests and examples with solutions are provided with more guidelines on how to take the old tests from the IRS and Prometric sites and what steps to take to pass the test for SEE Part I.

If you like to meet on live Zoom or attend a face to face workshops in Hollywood, give us a call or register for EA Preparatory Workshop.

1. SEE Part II: Business Tax preparation Exam:

This study guide focuses on Business Tax questions you need to know to pass the SEE Part II test.

This book goes over the tax topics with ample examples of the questions that previously appeared in tests. It also shows how to dissect questions and how some answers could be too close to call. Learn how to eliminate wrong answers and increase your chances by 50%.

  • The business tax goes over hot topics such as the Basis for partners or S corporation shareholders,
  • taxability of Dividends received from shares in other companies (to avoid triple and quadruple taxation),
  • Profit and Loss, as well as a discussion on
  • Retained Earnings,
  • Balance sheet, and
  • Net Operating Loss carry forward and much more.

If you have a Kindle from Amazon, you pay a fraction of the cost for each of the EA preparatory study guides. If you like to highlight and jot down notes in the margins, here’s your help to pass SEE Part II.

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2. SEE Part III: Representation Exam:

SEE Part III. This is the Representation part of the Enrolled Agent Examination. Of course, you don’t have to take any of the tests in sequence. If you are a good reader, this is the test you may take first because all you need to know is ethical issues related to tax preparation. The study guide outlines:

  • Types of people who can represent taxpayers before the IRS
  • Who can represent clients for taxes they prepared, and who can present taxpayers at all levels of the IRS examination? In other words, this is your bread and butter.
  • OPR: Office of Professional responsibility
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Due Diligence
  • Power of Attorney and CAF
  • Appeal process
  • Request for Abatement of Penalties
  • How to represent your clients in Levies, Liens, and collection procedure
  • OIC: Offer in Compromise
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Mediation
  • Penalties for tax professionals for incompetence, recklessness, or, God forbid, disregard for the rules.
  • In short, your authorities, duties, penalties, and how to get out of the trouble you may have put yourself into it.

Move up the ladder for a lucrative career in representing clients before the IRS. The study guide helps you pass SEE III Representation. If you like to meet on live Zoom or attend face-to-face workshops in Hollywood, FL,  give us a call or register for EA Preparatory Workshop.