When navigating the intricate landscape of tax regulations, knowledge is power. Join us at Kian Finance Authority’s November Tax Conference, where we combine our tax strategies, accounting, and financial management expertise to empower you with the latest insights and best practices. Join us for the 2023 AFSP tax conference at the Bahia Mar Hotel from… Read More

Embarking on Your Journey as a Professional Tax Preparer STEP ONE: Secure Your PTIN Number Every tax professional aiming to provide federal tax preparation services for a fee must possess a valid PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). This number is crucial for anyone involved in the tax preparation process. How to Obtain Your PTIN: A… Read More

What is the AFSP-AFTR, and how it can improve your tax career By Ferey Kian EA, NPTI Fellow Kian Finance Authority   The first step in becoming a tax professional is to get credentials from the IRS. How? Attend a three days workshop at an Approved IRS Education Provider that offers 18 hours of CE… Read More

Small Business Six Hats Solution* Nobody can fashion hats like a business man Ferey Kian © Kian Finance Authority This concept is NOT my invention. It’s been around for a while in other fields such as management and mind-mapping.  But I thought small business owners will benefit from this concept too. So here is what… Read More

Create Lions before you are trodden over by your own herd of sheep. By Ferey Kian Kian Finance Authority Graft Innovation and creativity as the principles of your business strategies, because, later, it’s much harder to change what has become the culture of your organization. Just as individuals need support to come up with new ideas, organizations need… Read More