IRS Approved Tax Preparation Courses: Enhance Your Skills with Kian Finance

Navigating the complexities of tax preparation is a crucial skill that demands continuous education and up-to-date knowledge. At Kian Finance Authority (KFA), we empower you through a series of comprehensive IRS approved tax preparation courses available online. We have meticulously curated a variety of IRS tax courses to meet the evolving needs of tax professionals. By joining our IRS approved tax preparation courses online, you enter a learning domain where expertise meets real-world applicability.

Comprehensive IRS CPE Courses

Our IRS CPE courses are designed with a robust approach to various critical topics in tax preparation. These courses are approved by the IRS and crafted to offer actionable insights and deep understanding. Each course is eligible for CE credits for tax preparers, and you can choose to attend these essential classes either in person at our office in Hollywood, FL, or online via live Zoom sessions.

Course Topics and Fees

Our IRS approved tax preparer courses cover a wide range of topics essential for every tax professional. Some of the key topics include:

  • Nonresident Taxes
  • Expats’ Taxes
  • Foreign Accounts
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Appeals and Examination Disputes
  • Individual Tax Preparation and 1040 Highlights
  • Decedent’s Final Form 1040
  • Disregarded Entities and Their Taxes
  • S Corporation Hot Spots
  • Cost Recovery System: Depreciation
  • Ethics in Tax Practice
  • Section 1031 Exchange
  • Schedule B and D
  • Fundamentals of Partnership
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Registration and Attendance

Register and choose from the available dates to partake in our enriching courses. Once you register, we will ensure you receive presentation slides, enhancing your readiness and engagement during the sessions. For those attending via Zoom, your participation will be validated by answering polling questions, a requisite for earning your CE credits.

Certification and Reporting

Upon completion of each course, we honor your hard work and diligence with a certificate of completion. Rest assured, all your hard-earned CEs will be meticulously reported to the IRS, ensuring your professional growth and compliance with regulatory standards.

Why Choose KFA’s IRS Approved CPE Providers?

Quality Education from IRS Approved CE Providers

Our courses are developed and delivered by top-notch educators who are IRS approved CE providers. This ensures that the content is not only accurate but also highly relevant to the current tax laws and regulations.

Flexible Learning Options

Whether you are in Florida or anywhere else, you can benefit from our tax courses online Florida. We offer flexible learning options to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.

Secure and Simplified Payments

We prioritize your learning and the ease and security of your transactions. Our payment methods are streamlined through PayPal – ensuring a safer, easier way to manage your online payments.

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Course Highlights

Topics In Person (Hollywood FL) Live Zoom

Nonresidents taxes: 2 CE

The Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts TD Form 90-221.1 or FBAR is required of all U.S. persons having a financial interest in, or authority over, a financial account located in a foreign country if the aggregate value of the account(s) exceeds $10,000 at any time during the calendar year. In this seminar, you will learn about recent changes/revisions made to the FBAR form and instructions for the 2024 filing year, definitions, and filing exceptions.

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Expats’ taxes (2 CE)

This course covers expats’ filing requirements and reviews the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Residency Test, Foreign Tax Credit, Tax Treaties, and Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures. 





Foreign Accounts (2 CE)

Learn about Schedule B of 1040, FinCEN 114 and FBAR limits, Form 8938 limits, Forms 1116 and 2555, and Foreign Income Exclusion.



Corporate Taxation (2 CE)

Understand the basics of corporate taxation, regular and C corporations, tax rates, operational expenses, accounting periods, business entities, and tax forms.



Appeals – Our Role in Resolving Examination Disputes: 2 CE

Explore the Appeals process related to tax disputes originating in the Examination function of the IRS, providing knowledge and tools to participate in all stages of the Appeal process.



Individual Tax Preparation and 1040 Highlights: 6 CE

  • Dive into the complexities of preparing a Form 1040, including dependent qualifications, deductions, tax credits, business entity deductions, asset reporting, and rental income.


Introduction to the Decedent’s Final Form 1040: 2 CE

Learn about the unique issues when preparing and planning the Final Form 1040, including income allocation, deductions, and estate responsibilities.



Disregarded Entities and Their Taxes: 2 CE

Understand the tax implications for disregarded entities, partnership K-1s, QBI deductions, and compliance issues.



S Corporation Hot Spots: 2 CE

Learn about the hazards and benefits of S-Corporations, including reasonable compensation, health insurance, shareholder loans, and depreciation.



Cost Recovery System: Depreciation: 2 CE

Gain insights into depreciation limits, expensing options, and the impact of new like-kind exchange rules.



Ethics (2 CE)

Understand the ethical obligations of tax professionals, Circular 230 provisions, best practices, and penalty standards.



Section 1031 Exchange: 2 CE

Learn about the benefits of like-kind exchanges, qualified properties, intermediaries, and the impact of time on exchanges.



Schedule B and D: 2 CE

Recognize the requirements for reporting interest and dividend income, foreign accounts, capital asset gains and losses, and Net Investment Income Tax.



Fundamentals of Partnership: 2 CE

Understand the basics of partnership taxation, including forms, partner types, basis, guaranteed payments, and foreign partners.



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Join Us in Mastery

We invite you to join us in mastering the essentials and nuances of tax preparation. Your journey toward becoming a proficient tax professional is supported by KFA’s commitment to excellence, thorough guidance, and unwavering support. Let’s navigate the realms of knowledge in tax preparation together, ensuring your skills remain relevant, competent, and highly sought-after in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IRS approved tax preparation courses?

IRS approved tax preparation courses are educational programs approved by the IRS to help tax professionals stay current with tax laws and regulations. 

Who should take these IRS classes for tax preparers?

These courses are ideal for PTIN holders, CPAs, EAs, and other tax professionals who wish to enhance their expertise and earn Continuing Education (CE) credits.

How can I earn CE credits for tax preparers?

You can earn CE credits for tax preparers by attending our approved courses and successfully completing the required assessments.

What is the registration process for these courses?

You can register for our IRS approved tax preparation courses online by choosing from the available dates and completing the registration form on our website.

Are these courses available online?

Yes, we offer IRS online courses that you can attend from the comfort of your home via live Zoom sessions.

Embark on your journey towards unparalleled expertise in tax preparation with KFA’s IRS approved CE provider online CE courses. Your pathway to mastering the essentials and intricacies of the dynamic world of taxes awaits!