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Navigating the complexities of tax preparation is a crucial skill that demands continuous education and up-to-date knowledge. 

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We have meticulously curated a variety of IRS tax courses to meet the evolving needs of tax professionals. By joining our IRS-approved tax preparation courses, you enter a learning domain where expertise meets real-world applicability.

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Our IRS classes for tax preparers are designed with a robust approach to various critical topics in tax preparation. 

These courses are approved by the IRS and crafted to offer actionable insights and deep understanding. Each course is eligible for 1 CE credit, and you can choose to attend these essential classes either in person at our office in Hollywood, FL, or online via live Zoom sessions.

Course Topics and Fees

Other on demand workshops. 

(Please refer to our complete list of offerings to explore all the available topics.)

Registration and Attendance

Register and choose from the available dates to partake in our enriching courses. Once you register, we will ensure you receive presentation slides, enhancing your readiness and engagement during the sessions. 

For those attending via Zoom, your participation will be validated by answering polling questions, a requisite for earning your CE credits.

Certification and Reporting

Upon completion of each course, we honor your hard work and diligence with a certificate of completion. Rest assured, all your hard-earned CEs will be meticulously reported to the IRS, ensuring your professional growth and compliance with regulatory standards.

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Topics (1 CE Credit) In Person (Hollywood FL) Live Zoom
Nonresident taxes in 1040 NR $99


Kiddie tax $99


Reconstruction of Entity Basis $99


Completing Form 1120 S $99


Fundamentals of Individual taxation-3 Part 1 $99


Fundamentals of Individual taxation-Part 2 $99


Fundamentals of Individual taxation-Part 3 $99


Fundamentals of Corporate taxes-Part 1 $99


Fundamentals of Corporate taxes-Part 2 $99


New IRS Form: 7203 Basis of S-Corporation Shareholders $99


K-1, K-2 and K-3 $99


Foreign Income $99


Schedule C of 1040 $99


Schedule B and Foreign Accounts $99


Cryptocurrency and taxes $99


Here are some of the challenging topics you need to know and get 1 CE credit for each. You can attend in Person at our Hollywood, FL office if you live in Florida, or you may attend the live zoom. Please register and we will send you the dates to choose from.
You will receive presentation slides once you register for In-Person or Zoom. To receive Zoom session credits, you must answer polling questions to receive CPE.

You will receive a certificate of completion for each course and all your CEs will be reported to the IRS as well.