Income Tax

Personal Income Tax Returns
We provide you with the services that until recently were available only to the wealthy few, as well as the city/government and multimillion dollar managing companies.

We Do Taxes!

1) With over 20 years experience in accounting, finance and income tax preparation, we will get back every penny you are entitled to from the IRS. We’ll ask you the right questions and get back the money that’s yours, because we know you can spend it better than Uncle Sam can.

2) Our staff is composed of accountants and auditors, not form-fillers. They have a minimum of 4 years of accounting, audit and tax as well as years of working with tax agencies, IRS.

3) Our focus is YOU, because the tax deducted from your pay is YOUR money, not the IRS money. You are entitled to your money first and foremost. That’s why we will ask you all the right questions to secure all that should legally be yours.

4) Yes, you can do it yourself online and you may get back the minimum! We guarantee to get you the maximum coming to you; in fact, the difference may shock you.

5) More than anything else, we want you to have a choice: Even if you think you can’t handle the money, it’s better if you are in the driver’s seat. At least let’s be clear on this: We want you to have that choice instead of giving up your choices to the IRS.

Let’s get your money back, and then you decide on a charity if you like. Take your family on a little vacation or to a fancy restaurant. This difference is often hundreds of dollars, and sometimes thousands of dollars.