Representing Our Clients before the IRS


Of course you can represent yourself—in any audit or any court, but it could be more beneficial if you got professionals handle handle court issues.

Relief of Audit Headaches

Once we have Power of Attorney from you, we will take on the task of working directly with you and the IRS. We will keep you informed of any correspondence as your case file goes through the process.

Unique Coverage

Kian Finance Authority works to get all denied credits you are entitled to. We work for your business taxes that may save you with credits and deductions that maybe available to you.

Tax Debt Relief

When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you for a resolution to minimize your debt.

Applying for ITIN (W-7) or other documents for your taxes

We are familiar with the latest rules and document requirements in order to work with taxpayers whose ITIN (W-7) Applications have been rejected by the IRS. Kian Finance Authority will work diligently with you in obtaining the needed tax identification number for you, spouse and each dependent listed on the 1040 return.

Kian Finance Authority will cover your tax return for three full years.


My wife Lucy and I would like to thank you and express our gratitude for the outstanding work you did while we were experiencing and IRS audit. No matter if you did anything wrong or not when you hear IRS an Audit it’s not a pleasant situation. At Kia Finance Authority we felt safe and confident they would take care of the problem as Kia is extremely knowledgeable with the IRS laws. He made us feel at ease and took care of everything we needed as he represented us. That itself was a huge relief. Kian worked numerous hours to make sure everything was as needed and so we didn’t have to worry. After he represented us he gave us the wonderful news as he was able to cut our debt by about 80%. I was very pessimistic when we got the letter, but my wife and I would definitely recommend Kian to anyone facing any IRS matter. He is truly a professional and we are blessed to have met him….Thank you Kian

Emilio & Lucy CancioBello