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Welcome to Kian Finance Authority’s audit tax and consulting services. 

We offer the best QuickBooks Workshops and are your ultimate destination for mastering the essentials and complexities of QuickBooks. 

In addition, we are deeply committed to your success and development, tailoring our audit tax and consulting services to meet your unique business needs. 

Every workshop is meticulously designed to empower you, whether you are embarking on your business journey or aiming to sharpen your existing accounting acumen.

Workshop Descriptions

One-Day Business A-Z Class

Dive into the foundational concepts of establishing a business with us. Learn the nuances of choosing between an LLC and an S corp and discover why QuickBooks is the quintessential tool for your business optimization. In this workshop, we unveil the secrets of efficiently consolidating your finances into one seamless software, ensuring that your income and expense reports are organized and easily accessible.


Two-Day Business A-Z and Federal and State Tax Class

Elevate your understanding of QuickBooks and unravel its extensive capabilities. Over two days, we explore detailed reporting, easy bank account information entries, and an in-depth insight into federal and state taxes. 

Arm yourself with crucial knowledge that wards off unpleasant surprises during the tax season, enhancing your audit tax service in FL.


Are you an accountant or bookkeeper that uses QuickBooks? Are you looking for a new career opportunity and would like a crash course in the most recent update in the QuickBooks Accountant Software? By the end of our crash course you will be able to skillfully navigate QuickBooks accountant like a pro generating additional incoming and avoiding costly time consuming mistakes.

Workshop Descriptions

Two-Day QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Class

This workshop is a treasure trove of knowledge perfect for accountants and bookkeepers. 

We navigate through the labyrinth of QuickBooks accounting software, covering aspects like entering clients, bookkeeping training QuickBooks, and various steps in recording, organizing, and summarizing information. 

By the end of this course, navigate the realms of QuickBooks with confidence and finesse, avoiding common pitfalls and errors.


Three-Day QuickBooks, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Class

Embark on a three-day immersive journey, where we precisely delve into QuickBooks, bookkeeping, and payroll. 

Cover extensive ground, from mastering the Chart of Accounts to grasping the complexities of payroll calculations and reports. This workshop ensures that every participant emerges with a fortified understanding of 401k plans and workers’ comp, amongst other key areas.


Why Choose Kian Finance Authority?

As a renowned tax education provider, we prioritize your learning and success. Our workshops are more than just classes—they are a transformative experience, promising a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. 

These bookkeeping QuickBooks workshops are designed to offer unrivaled tax education training, ensuring you are always ahead in finances and accounting.

Elevate Your Expertise with the Kian Finance Authority

Choose a workshop that aligns with your aspirations, and let us guide you through a journey of expertise enhancement in QuickBooks bookkeeping. We are here to illuminate your path, ensuring you emerge as a more proficient, confident, and booming professional.

We offer workshops and training sessions for tax professionals who aspire to represent clients before the IRS. With us, you can navigate the complexities of IRS procedures. Our courses include the following:

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