Representation before the IRS

My name is Ferey Kian, EA, NPTI Fellow. As a practicing tax representative since 2013 and an instructor and author on tax representation since 2014, I have trained and prepared many tax professionals, EAs, and accountants to prepare or review tax documents to avoid the IRS examination of their clients. My office is located in the beautiful downtown Hollywood, but often I work online, so if you have any IRS issues, you can email me at or trying to resolve.

Since most attorneys are not offering this service, it’s the area for the CPAs, EAs, and tax professionals regularly update with the new tax law to take up the task.

Remember a few things about the IRS.

  • They don’t like to be ignored. If you didn’t answer their letter in the first letter, they assume you are guilty as charged and proceed with the collection or levy or lien process.
  • When it comes to technology, and Social Media, the IRS is doing better nowadays (Who would’ve thought that?), so they will find the taxpayers who haven’t filed for a while they may need to be represented.
  • Nonresidents with investments in the US have special tax filing requirements that is not the same as US residents. Therefore their returns will be scrutinized more, particularly if they don’t have ITIN or proof of residency.
The IRS Some of the reasons the IRS may become curious about certain taxpayers are:
  • Failure to file
  • Failure to pay
  • Personal expenses paid by business accounts
  • Mismatches among 1099s, W-2s, and numbers on the returns
  • Business owners who have consumed their initial investments and have no basis in the company and want to declare losses.
  • foreign accounts, trading income, missing forms

Here’s an advice if you are being audited:

If you are no Daniel by any measure, don’t get into the lions’ den naked.

We, at Kian Finance Authority can help you start everything right before start your business. Say, why should you have a Corporation, Vs. an LLC, or vice versa? We have the experience and expertise to represent you before the IRS. We are well prepared and ready to represent you in case of Audit before they levy your assets. Count on us.