Cultural Festivals, Films and TV Production Accounting

realestate_clip_image002Let us help you with budgeting your next film and TV production and show you state and local incentives, discounts, grants, tax credits and rebates available to film and entertainment production.
We can provide a summary of qualified expenses particularly in various regions of South Florida to help maximize your production incentives, and suggest qualified vendors for payroll, production insurance, completion bonds, production services, and financing  as needed.

Our production accounting will help you with:

  • Film and TV production Budgeting process,
  • Film and Entertainment Cost Analysis from pre-production to cost of entering Film Festivals around the world.
  • Payroll Preparation and 1099 Preparation at Year-End
  • Production Bank Reconciliations
  • Cash Flow Projections and reports

realestate_clip_image004We can help you in compiling documentation for state and local subsidies, rebates and grants, Insurance Claims, and Incentives available from state and local government for film and entertainment production.

  • Exhibition areas in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Area
  • Conventions and Seminars
  • Sporting event, Pre Olympic and Special Olympic Venue financial analysis

From pre-production all the way through post production wrap up and re-shoots, we will provide you with all necessary steps for accounting production items, Cost analysis report, Estimated Final Costs, Hot Costs, and following through on outstanding accounts receivables, petty cash, accounts payables, and payroll issues.