Taxation, Bookkeeping/QuickBooks Workshops


Two Days workshop

Taxation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and Forensic Document Analysis.

You need to know about these topics if you are in business to generate income! A crash course in Business taxes, bookkeeping and QuickBooks can save you hundreds of hours of labor to correct the information already in the books that do not make any sense for your business. Register to learn or update your knowledge.


If you are a business owner, these workshop offer a broad knowledge of your finances, and if you are an accounting clerk, the courses put you on a fast track for success as a Full Charge bookkeeper and Accounting Clerk position.

Study guides: You cannot find anything more simple, no nonsense, tightly focused books

The study guides shows you what has worked in hundreds of classes with successful students and business people who were in a big hurry to learn. If you just like to study on your own, order the books and study on your own pace. In no other books you will find these topics in such a concise collection.

The ground boot camp is held in Hollywood, FL for both Evenings and Weekends workshops.

$299 for one day, and $499 for a two day crash course

(Take 20% off for early registration–two weeks before classes)

Study guides provided in Hollywood workshops


Attend a One Day Workshop Refresher Course:

Register for ONE Day or Two Days workshops to cover both Bookkeeping and QuickBooks


Order Study guides and books to learn at your own pace

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Taxation, QuickBooks/Bookkeeping interactive


Did you just buy accounting software and now struggling to make sense out of it?

Take a class in Accounting Software. See how to set up the cost centers, the Assets and Liabilities correctly to save you hundreds of hours of trouble down the road. Get to know the set up system, how to enter data, and how to monitor the financial statements with a few clicks to impress your employers with all kind of ideas the accounting systems are capable to produce.

Let us set up your software and train your staff–in your own office, on how to make best use of the software.   We have developed many courses in QuickBooks, Peachtree, Net Suite, Microsoft Dynamics (aka-Solomon), Excel, and other business software.

If you are seeking employment, you will guaranty a higher wages for yourself, and if you are an employer, you return on investment (ROI) is multiplied by more knowledgeable employees.   These are the top classes we offer: