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Kian Finance Authority provides Continuing Education (CPE credits) through weekly workshops in our Hollywood office, as well as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale locations. Please call 954-399-8980 for next workshop.

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Kian Finance Authority offers Continuing Professional Education (CPE credits) through weekly workshops held at our Hollywood office, as well as locations in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. For details on the next workshop, please contact us at 954-399-8980.

Additionally, we organize annual conferences designed to provide participants with up to 16 credit hours through in-person, face-to-face sessions, ensuring eligibility for continuing education credits. Our conferences adhere to the following criteria:

(a) Attendance is mandatory for the entire session.

(b) Sessions are led by qualified instructors, discussion leaders, or speakers.

(c) Participants receive comprehensive materials, including written outlines, textbooks, or suitable electronic resources.

(d) Participation and evaluation are actively measured.

(e) Our programs satisfy the requirements established for a qualified CE program pursuant to 

  • 10.6(f) and 10.9 of Circular 230.

Upon meeting attendance and completion requirements, participants will receive a certificate of completion. We value participant feedback and provide evaluation forms to gather insights on the program.

All workshops and seminars conducted by Kian Finance Authority strictly adhere to the criteria set by Internal Revenue guidance and requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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